Hobby & Work Spaces

Find room for any hobby that doesn’t fit in your garage with our dedicated hobby spaces

Rentable Spaces for Pittsburgh Creatives

Do you have a hobby you’re passionate about?

Calling all creatives, artists, painters, photographers, metal workers, and any other hobbyists that have outgrown their space. 

STORExpress recognizes the need for adequate space to work and store materials and provides a solution. Here’s what our individual spaces offer.

Hobby Space Amenities

With several sizes and features available, choose the hobby space that works for you. Call 412-899-1100 to chat with our team!

  • Monthly rental agreements
  • Drive-through access
  • Loading docks
  • Large doors
  • Little upgrade cost
  • No credit checks
  • Included utilities
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Pallet shelving on request
  • Secure keypad access
  • On-site staff
  • Offices (by request)
  • FREE truck (yes, it’s really free for move-in!)
  • Access to an exclusive community of hobbyists

Accessing a Hobby Space is Convenient

STORExpress drive-in facilities take convenience to the next level by providing access from inside our giant drive-in complexes or direct from the street side with large roll-up doors. 

Pull right into your hobby space to load and unload your supplies and finished products.

The loading dock and pallet jacks are available for your use!

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Hobby Space Security

Our Hobby Spaces are secure! 

All of our locations are equipped with 24/7 video surveillance. 

Additionally, secure key-coded access keeps you and your supplies safe. 

On-site staff manages the property seven days a week.

Our Artisan and Maker Community

When you rent a hobby space, you join a community of passionate makers and creators working on their craft. 

Benefit from the use of conference rooms to grow your personal or professional network.

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Who Could Benefit From a Hobby Space?

Any hobbyist can benefit from our Hobby Spaces, but here are some specific people we know find value in our spaces!

Fabrication projects
Metal working
Restoration enthusiasts
Thrifters and Poshmarkers
Any hobbyist

What is 412 Studios?

If your hobby is an artistic craft and does not need large-scale space or storage, our artist studios at 412 Studios may be a better fit for you. 

Speak with our team about the best option for your craft. Call 412-899-1100.

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Still Have Questions?

Contact us or call 412-899-1100 to schedule a tour and choose the hobby space that is best for you!


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