Flex Spaces

Work, store, and manage from a flex space at STORExpress

What is Flex Space?

Learn how our flex spaces can help your business

They’re—you guessed it—flexible work areas! 

Designed to help businesses of all sizes, our flex spaces are large individual units with amenities

They’re customizable to fit your business’s needs, including an optional office, warehouse space, and workspace.

Flex Space Amenities

Monthly and yearly rental options are available for your individualized needs. Call 412-899-1100 to find out more. (*Optional Amenities)

  • Drive-in access*
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary utilities
  • Loading docks*
  • Offices*
  • Video security 24/7
  • Secure keypad access
  • Pallet shelving*
  • 24/7 Access
  • Conference rooms
  • No credit checks
  • No large upfront costs
  • Friendly on-site staff
  • Free truck, gas, and mileage for move-in
  • Unit access in-building and exterior
  • Lofted and grounded office space options

What Flex Space Looks Like as an Office

Differing from shared coworking spaces, flex space allows you to work and manage your business from an overhead or adjacent office! 

These offices provide a distinct workspace while keeping you separate from the materials you’re storing, the hands-on tasks, and the people you manage. 

All offices are equipped with separate heating and cooling, electrical outlets, and free Wi-Fi. 

Be as productive as possible while remaining close to the action!

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Flex Space as a Workspace

Convenient loading docks allow you to easily manage deliveries and shipments. 

Drive-in access means you don’t have to slow down for the weather. 

Accessible pallet shelving allows you to structure and organize your space for efficiency. 

Secure keypad access means you have the ability to control access to your flex space and offers insight into when employees come and go. 

Monthly agreements mean you can start, stop, upsize, or downsize your flex space easily.

Flex Space as a Warehouse

Large spaces allow you to store and manage construction, building material, supplies, tools, and/or inventory. 

Flex Spaces come in many size options and give you the flexibility to find the unit best suited to your business. 

Monthly agreements mean if your needs change, your flex space can evolve with you. 

Large pallet shelving is available to maximize your space and organize your supplies or materials. 

Loading docks and indoor access make shipments and deliveries easier to manage.

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Who is Flex Space For?

STORExpress flex spaces were designed to help entrepreneurs run and scale their businesses. Business owners use this space to avoid building full warehouses and taking on upfront risks by renting space. We are proud to enable hundreds of small business owners the flexibility to grow their profits with little upfront cost.

Use Case: Storage for builders, contractors, and tradesmen

Working contractors and tradesmen use STORExpress flex spaces to consolidate equipment and supplies in a secure location and allow employees managed access. 

STORExpress flex spaces keep job costs down on projects and budgets by allowing you to order what you will need to get the job done and store materials and supplies in a central location. 

Don’t work out of your home or truck!  

Use case: Storage for Large Item Sales

The storage capacity with STORExpress flex spaces allows retailers and industry salespeople to maintain inventory. 

Optional office spaces provide a comfortable place to manage your business. Loading docks are available to facilitate deliveries. 

Pallet shelving options help maximize the use of the space and allow improved organization of materials and products. 

Utilities are included with your monthly agreement, and wi-fi is complimentary. 

STORExpress flex spaces allow you to centralize many of your operations with a little upfront cost and monthly commitments.

Who Uses STORExpress Flex Spaces

Call 412-899-1100 to schedule a tour and choose the flex space that is best for you!

  • Independent Contractors & Large Equipment Businesses
  • Movers
  • Construction/Building Companies
  • Retailers & Resellers
  • Landscapers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Event Planners & Photographers
  • Plumbers & Installers
  • Out-of-Town Businesses
  • Wood Workers
  • Small Business Owners & Start-Ups
  • Remote-only firms
  • Cleaning Companies & Distributors
  • Furniture Upholsterers
  • Restoration Companies
  • Anyone needing extra-large storage space

Still Have Questions?

Contact us or call 412-899-1100 to schedule a tour and choose the flex space that is best for you!


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