Self Storage – The Perfect Valentines Day Gift?

valentines storageAnyone who has ever lived with another person knows the frustration of living with someone else’s stuff. Boyfriends and their stinky sports gear. Kids with their never-ending piles of toys. Wives and their closets full of clothes and shoes. Many an impressive battle has been fought over the eternal war against stuff.

Clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self esteem. Not only does clutter raise cortisol levels (stress hormones) but living in a cluttered home also makes it difficult to relax, inhibits creativity and productivity, and makes us anxious – all things that can have a negative impact on our relationships.

This Valentines Day, when trips to Paris, diamonds, and fancy meals at 5 star restaurants seem like the perfect way to convey “I Love You,” to your significant other, remember that uncluttering your home could be the most romantic gift of all!