Pittsburgh Metal Band ‘Code Orange’ Nominated for a Grammy

Metal ain’t what it used to be.

Metal’s roots have been firmly planted on the periphery of society, those who chose to live in the scene are often seen as misfits and outcasts. While metal is still a safe harbor for the misunderstood, it is quickly becoming more accepted in the eyes of the mainstream. Perhaps this good timing, accompanied by extraordinary talent, has helped Pittsburgh natives ‘Code Orange’ reach a pinnacle of music excellence; a Grammy nomination.

In addition to the prestigious nomination, Rolling Stone Magazine also named the bands 2017 effort “Forever” as the 50th best album released in 2017, further cementing the band at the forefront of the scene, especially after their recent European tour with internationally acclaimed System of a Down.

This type of praise for a metal band is something that is incredibly rare. Drawing favorable comparisons to legendary groups like Slipknot, Code Orange effortlessly blends a unique swath of genres across the rock spectrum into a confluence of sound, then adds a characteristic metal spin that is both satisfying and overwhelming. Keep an eye on these Pittsburghers in the future, as big things are almost certainly just around the corner.

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