VERY Simple Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Huzzah! The holidays are upon us!  ’Tis a time for opening our hearts and unfortunately our wallets too!  But just because your bank account might not be filled with gold (or frankincense or myrrh) doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home for the season!

Here are some creative and SIMPLE, again, SIMPLE ways people have decorated their homes for the holidays.

  1. Simple Tree Made Out of Tomato Hangers:

Easy Way to Decorate for Christmas

Just flip your tomato wire hanger upside-down, throw some lights on it and VOILA!  You have yourself a minimalist Christmas tree!

2.   Snowman Bottle Cap Ornaments

If there’s anything I have abundance of during the time before Christmas, it’s bottle caps left over from Thanksgiving weekend.  Heck,  if it takes 3 to make a snowman ornament,  I could probably hang one from every branch!  So go ahead and open that extra Winter Stout, you have a snowman ornament that needs a head!

3.   Crayon Window Decorations

This was posted on BuzzFeed but I’m not sure how I feel about this one….Sure kids! Draw on the window with these crayons! Little do they know that on January 2nd, they will be trading the crayons for paper towels and Windex.  NEXT

4.   Bottle of Lights

This post started off as legitimate and simple ideas for decorating but like the crayon window, I felt compelled to point this one out.  The bottle of lights!  I’m no mixologist, but I’d say the ingredients for this concoction are 1 part wine bottle and 1 part Christmas lights.  On second thought, it would be really cool if you had a plethora of wine bottles that were different shapes, sizes, and colors.  One bottle looks kinda lonely, and nobody wants to be alone on the holidays.

5.  Window Tree Branches

I like the idea of having fresh pine in my house during the holidays.  Putting branches in water will last about a week but can easily be changed week to week.  Having the small branches will provide an aroma and if you do it right, you neighbor won’t realize his Douglas fir has been looking a little bare lately! (just kidding!)

These ideas are all very simple and sometimes a little TOO simple, but the important thing is that you’re in the spirit and your heart is in the right place.

As users of storage, most of our customers are better organizers and crafters than the average bear.  We would love to hear any ideas of simple, crafty ways you decorate for the holidays.  E-mail us at and share your ideas with us!

Creative Garage Storage – Pittsburgh Self Storage Blog

Clutter is everywhere and starting to take over people’s garages.

Here are some innovative ideas on how to organize your garage in an inexpensive way!

What a great way to use a pallet. Get the garage organized

Pick up a free pallet at your local home store and use it to organize your shovels, rakes, and brooms. No need to hunt for them in your garage anymore!

I LOVE this idea.  i just tried to round up the tape in the garage yesterday.    Round Up: 10 DIY Garage Organization Ideas » Curbly | DIY Design Community

What a great way to organize that duct tape! Use a hacksaw blade and a filler block to make an easy dispenser.

Screw jar lids to the bottom of a shelf. Fill with nails, bolts etc and skrew to the shelf. Utilizing your space efficiently, and you're able to see what you have on hand!

Take advantage of those peanut butter jars! Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf. Then fill with nails and bolts. Next, screw to the shelf. Utilize your space efficiently! This way you can see what you have.

Creative Garage Organization Ideas

No more bags with holes!  Use a trash can to store your bird seed or potting soil.

49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

Tired of losing your drill bits?  Then attach them to strips of magnets on your tool bench for easy access.

Will It Fit In A 5×10 – Pittsburgh Self Storage

We started playing around with 3D models and decided to start playing a game.

Give us some random items and we’ll fit them into a 5×10 storage unit.

First up is Jeff!

Jeff’s unit:




send us your own “WILL IT FIT”s to Be sure to put in the subject ‘Will it Fit?’ and include a unit size and list of items!

STORExpress Google Voice

Introduction Google Voice for STORExpress!

We’re always thinking of new and easier ways for Pittsburghers to find solutions to their storage problem.  That is why introducing Google Voice.  Within seconds you can be talking to one of our storage experts!  Here’s how it works:

1) Click CALL ME
2) Enter your full name and the number of the phone you wish to talk with
3) Your phone will start ringing and when you answer, PRESS “1″ on your keypad.
4) You will instantly be connected to our someone at our call center!
Try it out:

Call anytime Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm!  Or just leave us a message after hours

Six Steps for an Easy Student Move Out

The spring semester is coming to a close soon and while most of our focus will be on acing our finals and bringing up that GPA, it’s also time to think about summer plans. If you are making a transition out of student housing, the bulk of your time and stress is dedicated to your new summer living situation. While you may only move a few times during your college career, we’ve become experts on it and to make it simple for you, we’ve broken down the process into six easy steps.

1) Separate shared items with roommates

“Sooo…who’s taking the TV?”

If you and your roommates are not living together when school resumes, decide which items you will be responsible for. If all of you pitched in on the TV, figure out who is taking it and come up with a fair way to split the cost. Also, figure out with your new roommates who is bringing the microwave, toaster, vacuum, etc.

2) For your items, decide what you will be taking and what can be disposed

“To throw away or not to throw away?”

After an entire school year, many items amass a good bit of wear and tear. For instance, you might have bought a used easy chair back in September, but ask yourself if it is worth moving and keeping for next year. If items have become defective to the point that it affects their functionality, it’s probably a good idea to put it on the curb. Less stuff is less hassle. Chances are those items that are on the fence will have been completely forgotten by the end of August.

3) Decide what items you are going to take home and what can stay near school

“ Aren’t I going to bring this back next year anyways?”

Where are you heading this summer? Are you going home? If so, you probably don’t need any kitchen materials (pots, plates, silverware, etc.) Also, why lug furniture back and forth if it’s going to be with you again in August? Many people store their seasonal items. You probably won’t need your Northface and other winter clothes until October (fingers crossed in Pittsburgh).

Not sure if it’s an essential? Walk through a typical day or week from when you wake up until when you go to bed. Take those items that you see yourself using when acting out your day, mostly everything else can be put away.

4) Choose an option to store your items for the summer

“See ya in the fall!”

There are definitely a few alternatives here. Is a friend staying on campus for the summer and does he/she have an empty basement? If you’re staying in the same house, you may be able to sublet your place so your stuff will still be used but secured.

If these alternatives aren’t for you, self storage is a great option that is more reasonably priced than you may think. Maybe storage companies anticipate many students moving at the end of the school year and use this to your advantage! There are plenty of great deals out there.

Also, consider renting a larger sized unit with a friend and split the cost. STORExpress allows you to put multiple names on a contract which dictates who can enter the storage space, so you won’t have to wait for your friend if you needed something from your unit.

5) Figure out how you are going to transport your items

“Moving time!”

So you picked out a storage facility and got a great deal for the next few months but now for the part that everyone dreads–the actual move. You might have that friend who has a car on campus but it’s hard to move an entire house in a Honda Accord.

Renting a moving truck is an option but consider checking the sizes of trucks before deciding. Many people guesstimate too often with trucks, either get a truck too small and making multiple trips or overpay for a truck with way more space than needed. Look for storage facilities that offer truck rentals along with renting a storage unit. STORExpress even gives you one for free!

6) Start planning in advance

“Perfect prior planning prevents poor performance!”

Because there are a thousand Pittsburghers doing the same move as you, remember to start early. Look into preleasing a unit to scoop it up before anyone else because they go fast! Be sure to determine who is paying the bills for your old housing and for your new housing in advance. You don’t want to store a 50 inch plasma TV only to have the cable company make you wait three weeks to use it!
Follow these steps and be ready in time for your move out weekend. It’s going to come sooner than you think! Cheers and good luck!

5 Ways Self-Storage Will Make Your Holiday Less Stressful

We are now entering the midst of the holiday season and with all the joy and peace on earth this time of year brings, there is no doubt that stress and chaos are occasional guests at holiday dinner tables as well. So, to make sure your holiday is filled with more cheer and less fear we’ve compiled five ways self-storage can clear up your house (and your head) to make sure you have more peaceful, silent nights!

1) Guest Furniture
So, the family is coming to visit for the weekend, but where are you going to sleep now that you gave your bed up to Aunt Millie? On that handy roll-away cot you have shoved in your garage, of course! Storing guest supplies like air mattresses, cots, pillows, and blankets is a great way to spare your home from items that you only use on special occasions. This way, the makeshift bed in the living room doesn’t become a nuisance after your guests leave!

2) Holiday Gifts
Holiday shopping has turned into a month of pandemonium. You managed to fight off an angry mob for the last 60” TV at Sears but where are you going to put it until the big day? Can’t exactly hide it in your closet! Why not use a self storage unit as a gift hub where you can place all your gifts from your list, large and small, away from nosey kids and family? Not to mention, you’d also be able to wrap them in peace. Perhaps with some Bing Crosby playing?

3) Winter Accessories
Cold weather is on its way (although perhaps not in Pittsburgh this season). Many self storage customers use their unit seasonally and have found great success keeping their seasonal items organized. Chances are you aren’t going to use your lawnmower or golf clubs for the next few months so why not exchange them with your ski boots and snow shovels once a year? Keep the garage from turning into a Pittsburgh episode of hoarders and clear out the items that are important yet only used a few months out of the year.

4) Seasonal Clothes
It’s December in Pittsburgh and we’ve been able to wear shorts (say what?). However, there is no doubt Western Pennsylvanians are prepared for when the snow storm hits. Extend your closet space by labeling items by season and putting them away until they’re ready to be used. When it’s time to gather up your Steelers windbreaker, gloves, hat, and scarf for the big January night game, you’ll be prepared!

5) Holiday Decorations
Whether you place one candle in the window or blow your neighborhood’s fuse with the amount of lights you use, holiday decorations are definitely a use-one-time-of-year item (unless you’re the guy who leaves them up all year round). Gone are the days of just one line of lights strung on your house’s edges. They have been replaced by large inflatable props, waving holiday characters, and giant illuminated snowmen. The best way to make sure your house is looking great year after year is to keep your decorations organized and in a space large enough where they won’t get damaged.

Seasonal storage is a great way to stay organized during the most hectic time of the year. A seasonal storage unit is definitely worth considering when you have items that you need but use infrequently; they are most likely going to be taking up useful space in an attic, closet, or garage for more than half the year.

Now that we’ve just made your holidays less stressful, Happy Holidays!

New Band Rehearsal Space in Pittsburgh

Band rehearsal space in PittsburghComing this fall to STORExpress Self Storage: brand new band rehearsal spaces in Pittsburgh’s Etna neighborhood. Centrally located approximately ten minutes from downtown Pittsburgh on Butler Street, the new band rehearsal rooms are set to be ready by mid-fall 2012 and will even include a recording studio!

Utilizing self storage as a place to rehearse music is becoming a major trend for amateur and professional bands around the country. STORExpress currently offers band rehearsal space at the 200 S. 22nd Street facility in Pittsburgh’s South Side. The service is so popular (with an on-going waiting list of 50+ bands) that it became necessary to expand.

At STORExpress, bands of all ages can take advantage of attractive features such as 24-hour access (often rehearsing into the wee hours of the morning), free Wi-Fi for streaming music, electrical hookups and 20 amp power. Always catering to convenience, STORExpress even offers a free truck with gas to move band equipment into band rooms easily.

Learn more about these amenities as well as how to reserve a brand new rehearsal room.

Pittsburgh Office Space: Month-to-Month Leasing

STORExpress Self Storage, located in Pittsburgh, PA gladly introduces OFFCExpress; an office building that offers business operators a flexible month-to-month leasing option.

The office-park building is located 10 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh at 448 Butler Street.  Businesses are provided with the opportunity to lease commercial office space on a limited-commitment month-to-month basis. The offices can be rented in various sizes and room combinations.  They are perfect for operations of all types and sizes including: start-ups, independent owners, sales teams, etc.

Utilities and Amenities

At approximately $1.20 per square foot, the offices include the following utilities: heating, air conditioning, electric, WiFi internet access, *office furniture and on-site parking. Discounts are also offered on storage units at one of STORExpress’ six convenient locations (great for storing inventory and accepting deliveries/drop-offs). Additional amenities include affordable printing and fax capabilities.

To learn more, or for leasing information, please contact us at 412-449-0123.

*Office furniture is based on availability

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